Too much moisture - breathe a little easier tonight

Breathe a Little Easier Tonight

Comfort Air can help you dial in your home’s ideal humidity — between 30 and 50 percent.

  • Central Humidifiers are built into heating and air conditioning systems to humidify the whole house.

To help you protect the health and comfort of your family, the most effective solution is a whole-house solution. Yes, there are other room-specific humidity control options (like steam vaporizers, evaporators, impeller humidifiers and dehumidifiers), but Comfort Air recommends a whole-house humidity option as the most truly effective and healthy solution. When designing a central humidity control system, we consider your entire home as we create the perfect indoor air quality solution for your household.

Ideal Humidity Levels

While humidity levels fluctuate between summer and winter, the moisture in the air varies based on season, weather and where you happen to live. By increasing moisture levels in the air, humidifiers can help soothe dry sinuses and help ease symptoms of a cold or other respiratory conditions.

Since levels that are too high or too low can cause problems, adding a humidity control system can help you maintain the proper levels throughout the year.

  • LOW HUMIDITY LEVELS — can irritate your sinuses, nasal passages and throat. It can even cause dry skin or dry, itchy eyes.
  • HIGH HUMIDITY LEVELS — can promote growth of allergens, such as harmful bacteria, dust mites and molds. Excessive allergens can cause respiratory problems, including allergy and asthmas-related flare-ups.

When considering the HVAC requirements of a home, humidifiers are reportedly the most consistently overlooked climate control component.

Relying on the two recognized leaders in humidity control, we install and service Trane and Aprilaire humidifiers to provide year-round comfort. As a customer, complete control is easily within your reach. Between these two fine brands, there are almost a dozen different models and sizes to select from. Take a tour of these humidifier models to learn more.

Humidity Control is the third ingredient necessary for a truly comfortable atmosphere in homes. With Comfort Air Heating and Cooling, you can be sure that the right humidifier unit and humidity settings will be installed for your indoor needs.

By assuring proper humidity levels, not only your family, but your furniture, possessions and pets will thank you.

Humidity Control is good for pets as well as people