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make the right move in your home heating strategy

What’s your Next Move for your Home’s Future Heating Strategy?

  • Repair?
  • Improve existing system?
  • Replace?

Southeastern Wisconsin residents are accustomed to long winter seasons, but that doesn’t mean adapting to indoor discomforts. Our home heating specialists will work closely with you to ensure that your home’s indoor environment meets your comfort expectations throughout the windy wintry months.

Heating System Considerations and Challenges

The hardest decision for a homeowner is identifying when they need to replace an existing furnace or heating system. Here is our list to help you consider your options. When properly installed and maintained, a typical furnace will last about 25 years. However, the Energy Star Program began in 1992; systems installed prior to that time did not have the strongest motivations to improve their energy consumption and efficiency. If you have any questions after reading the list below, our heating specialists will be happy to help you plan a sound heating strategy:

  • Heat Pump is more than 10 years old
  • Furnace or Boiler is more than 15-20 years old
  • Needs frequent or more costly repairs
  • Energy consumption is rising
  • Some rooms are too cold or too hot
  • Humidity problems
  • Heating system getting very noisy
  • No Programmable Thermostat – and there is no one at home for long periods of time each day
  • System Options: Radiant, Forced Air or Condensing models
All of these challenges play a part in correctly calculating the perfect size and type of heating system to select and install.

To achieve the most cost-efficient home heating system, over 16,500 customers have relied on Comfort Air’s skills and experience to evaluate and assess the proper components to achieve the desired warmth and comfort for their homes and livelihood.

We understand how important your family’s comfort is to you. Plans to make that happen also involve ensuring that you install a heating system that’s the right fit for your household needs.

Heating System Installations

Our Heating installation and repair service technicians are qualified to work on over 50 different Gas heating and furnace systems. (Call us first about your specific Solar Systems service needs.)

When considering Comfort Air or another heating repair service, we recommend using The Energy Star’s 10 Tips on Hiring a heating and Cooling Contractor, which include:

  • Be prepared to tell potential contractors the model of your current system, year installed and its maintenance history. Mention any equipment issues and any uncomfortable rooms.
  • Ask your friends and family for recommendations
  • Call references they give you
  • Ask about special offers
  • Get written, itemized estimates
  • Get signed, detailed proposal before work begins
  • Read all 10 Tips
With climbing energy costs as they are, having the right furnace system will continually deliver warmth and cost-savings for many years to come.

Comfort Air Heating and Cooling stands ready to provide you, your family and your home the perfect solution – starting with our initial visit to your home. And we will adhere to our service commitments to hopefully continue serving your climate comfort needs well into the future.