Air Filters

Extra Dusty Furniture is a key sign your air filter needs changing

When was the Last Time You Checked or Changed Your Air Filter?

  • End of Last Winter
  • Every Six Months
  • Don’t Remember
All of these are the WRONG answer!

8 Problems caused by Dirty Air Filter

  • Air flow slows down
  • System works harder but doesn’t quite keep you cool or warm
  • Wastes energy
  • Wastes money
  • Hampers efficiency of air conditioner and humidifier
  • Can also inhibit performance of dehumidifier
  • No longer removes potentially harmful particles that can increase allergies, headaches, irritated eyes, congestion, fatigue and respiratory infections
  • Increases need to dust furniture more often

When you understand the multitude of risks that result from not changing the air filter, hopefully this will cause you to check filters at least every 1 to 2 months.

Change Air Filter Regularly

The Energy Star recommends checking your air filter every month, especially during the summer and winter months when there is heavy use.

Change as needed, at least a minimum of every 3 months. Once each year, it’s beneficial to schedule a complete Air Filter System Cleaning. Besides replacing the air filter, the serviceman should also:

  • Clean and Flush the Coils, Drain pan and Drainage system
  • Vacuum the Blower compartments
  • Check Refrigerant and Mechanical components